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Message from the Principal

As citizens in an ever-expanding Global Community, students graduating from Pledge Harbor International School are poised to face an optimistic future. We aspire to provide each student with the best guidance, paving their way to achieve paramount success in their chosen field. Our diverse, international faculty members provide students mentoring, guidance on setting personal goals, planning and organizing needs, counselling for study and individual guidance.

Our campus, free of the additional stress of transport issues and constant city uproar, allows our students to spend more time on academic development. We provide areas for quiet, uninterrupted thoughts, individual and group work plus interaction with our community.

Our sport programs combine fitness, strength, skills, teamwork and sportsmanship to ensure each student is prepared to perform when competing in the Inter-House or Inter-School competitions. Our facilities accommodate sports such as cricket, football, swimming, tennis, badminton, volleyball, handball and table tennis.

As we are a residential facility, we encourage parents to visit our campus and spend quality time with their children every Friday during our family days. Our students look forward to these meetings with guardians; parents are also able to discuss their children’s progression with the faculty members who are available during the weekend. When you arrive to your child’s second home, our campus members would escort you to our lounge; our child would join right away!

We welcome you open heartedly and earnestly hope you experience our facilities as your own, obtain the benefits through your children living an enriched residential lifestyle, whilst being taught by a culturally diverse group of experienced faculty members from numerous countries, backgrounds, cultures and educational systems.

Meenakshi Ahlawat